She-Culture has produced 5 spots on the issue of toy genderization with the aim of visualizing if and how toys strengthen, or help overcome, the stereotypes traditionally linked to gender roles.

In each of the 5 partner countries a young artist’s idea was selected, through an open competition. The 5 selected artists are:

  • Teresa Sala (Italy),
  • Maria Romero & Raquel Marqués (Spain),
  • Sine Vadstrup (Denmark),
  • Berit Steenstrup (Norway) and
  • Erenik Beqiri (Albania).

The shooting of the 5 spots took place in the Centre Cultura de Dones “Francesca Bonnemaison” – La Bonne in Barcelona (Spain) between 25 June and 1 July of 2014. La Bonne provided for the pre and post-production process.

The spots were screened for the first time at the partners’ meeting held in Barcelona in October 2014, coinciding with the International Women’s Films Festival, later on during all the conferences in the different countries regarding the project.
By beginning of 2015 the final versions of the spots will be available for dissemination: they will be first shown at each of the Women’s Museums participating in the project and, afterwards, available for wider distribution by other museums, cultural institutions, schools, etc.

LATEST NEWS: Teresa Sala's “Female toys” is one of the selected videos of the GRFF (Grand Rapids Feminist Film Festival) and the Florence Queer Festival. Congratulation!